A reliable and non-destructive solution for on-site corrosion assessment of reinforced concrete structures

TESTACOR is a new generation portable corrosion tester that uses a non-destructive method of controlled polarisation and allows the measurement of several parameters at the same time during on-site structural assessment. Thus, this corrosimeter guarantees maximum reliability in the measurements and facilitates the detection of corrosion processes of reinforcement in concrete structures, as well as the prediction of the structure lifespan.

TESTACOR is lightweight and easy to use through a mobile app, allowing local and server-based data management and simplifying the preparation of reports.

What makes testacor unique

TESTACOR is a new generation corrosimeter for the non-invasive evaluation of the corrosion state of metallic elements embedded in concrete structures. It has unique qualities on the market that place it at the forefront of corrosion measurement systems:

Multi-parameter probe

Up to three key parameters are obtained with a single measurement: corrosion potential, corrosion rate and resistivity.

Controlled polarisation technique

A novel technique that ensures the reliability of the measurement and also that the polarisation caused in the steel is not harmful.

Suitable for structures and specimens

TESTACOR is designed to carry out corrosion studies on real structures and also on laboratory specimens.

Portable and easy to use

The probe is lightweight and easy to use via mobile app, allowing data management on your device and/or server.

Obtain various parameters with a single measurement

Unlike other systems, the TESTACOR measurement probe is multi-parameter and allows several parameters to be obtained simultaneously. This avoids the use of specific probes for each application, which means a significant saving in time and cost.

In just a few seconds, TESTACOR provides a record of the following parameters:

Controlled polarisation: more precise and safer

The innovative patented measurement technique includes an advanced protocol for controlling the applied polarisation current. This innovation compared to traditional systems not only maximises the efficiency of the system, but also prevents irreversible alterations to the inspected metallic elements.

Suitable for structures and laboratory

In addition to the in-situ inspection of real structures, TESTACOR is designed to carry out corrosion studies on laboratory specimens, an application of particular interest in the field of quality control and scientific research.

Easy to use via app and data management

The TESTACOR measuring probe is fully portable and easily operated through a mobile application (available for Android and iOS), which offers great flexibility when carrying out on-site measurements. Local and/or server-based data management simplifies the interpretation and collection of information for reporting.

Highly reliable state-of-the-art technology

Corrosion in a concrete structure can substantially reduce its service life. It is therefore critical to use a reliable method to assess the corrosion rate in-situ.

TESTACOR uses a non-destructive method based on the galvanostatic pulse technique with sensorised confinement of the electric field, with the important novelty compared to traditional systems that it performs a dynamic adjustment of the applied polarisation current. In this way, the polarisation (or electrochemical disturbance) provoked is maintained at suitable levels for reliable measurement, as well as to avoid irreversible damage to the embedded steel. This is a patented technique that has been developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers from the Instituto de Ciencias de la Construcción Eduardo Torroja – CSIC.

During the measurement, the TESTACOR probe not only registers the corrosion rate, but also determines the corrosion potential and resistivity in the same test, which avoids the need for additional instrumentation.

Optimal polarisation achieved with TESTACOR during the test compared to the possible undesired situations produced with other systems.

Diagram showing optimal polarisation achieved with TESTACOR during the test compared to possible undesirable situations with other systems

Optimal polarisation achieved with TESTACOR during the test compared to possible undesirable situations with other systems.

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