Evaluation of the durability of structures

Monitoring, diagnosis, intervention and maintenance.

We offer a comprehensive service for evaluating the durability of structures and providing advice for intervention and proactive maintenance.

Our solution allows us to comprehensively address structural safety in civil works and buildings and can be adapted to the specific needs of each project.

What our solutions include

Everything you need to know about the health of your structures

By relying on Sensorika’s services, you will be able to know at all times the state of the structures and materials, constantly monitor their evolution and have relevant information to anticipate deterioration situations that may compromise their integrity and act in time to ensure structural safety.

Reinforcement evaluation

Evaluation of the state of corrosion of reinforcement reinforcement in reinforced concrete and metallic elements in general.

Remote monitoring

Continuous, remote and real-time monitoring of the behavior and state of deterioration of concrete structures.

Materials evaluation

Evaluation of the properties of structural construction materials in civil works, architecture and historical heritage.


Advice on intervention and maintenance of structures. Monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions.

R+D+i in iot solutions

We offer consulting services in technology and innovation, specializing in the implementation of IoT solutions for various sectors. The company helps companies to capture, transmit and process data using advanced technologies, and is inspired by concepts such as IoT, industry 4.0 and smart cities.

Sensorika Lab Innovation has its own advanced sensorics laboratory that allows it to offer a wide range of connectivity solutions for all types of structures through the integration of sensors and the design of communications networks for remote monitoring of structures.

At Sensorika we have highly specialized teams that develop advanced solutions in the construction, infrastructure, civil engineering, logistics and control of movable assets sectors. In addition, thanks to the collaboration with research teams from different disciplines, we are able to develop projects in a growing number of areas, both private and public.

We have the capacity to analyze specific requirements of the construction sector, such as structural problems and pathology detection and monitoring, and to support the adoption of appropriate techniques and materials to solve structural resistance problems.

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